We Manufacture Polypropylene Heat Sealed Container With Latest International Hi-Technology.The Product Quality And Performance Is Comparable With The Best In The Industry And The Range Is Suitable For All Types Of Customers .The Batteries Have Been For Use In Tropical Conditions And Build With Rugged Internal Guts To Provide Long Life Even Under Harsh Conditions With Low Maintenance.

Automotive Battery

Ribbed Construction And P.E Glass Matt Separator Ensures Resistance Free Circulation Of Electrolyte.

Heavy Duty Terminals Are Designed To Give Optimum Current Flow With Minimum Electrical Resistance.

Safety Vent Plugs Designed For Elimination Of Electrolyte Spray And Easy Exit Of Gases.

Selenium Alloy Grids For Extra Low Maintenance.

E-Rickshaw Battery

Quality and durable e-rickshaw batteries to improve performance

Low Maintenance and High Performance

New Improved Grid Design

Quick Recovery from Deep Sulphation

New Aesthetic & Durable Container

Inverter Battery

Heavy duty batteries to backup your home


High purity Lead Oxide for Active Material

New Long Life Separators

New Aesthetic & Durable Container

Environment Friendly